Sami Trigov - ‘Make Moves’

A multi-disciplined artist, songwriter, and producer from Israel, Sami Trigov has spent the last few years tuning multiple genres into his own hybrid sound. Playing keyboard, and intermittently working with Digital Looper, Cubase, and more, his music has become a unique blend of styles and sounds, with each new release being constantly surprising and enjoyable.

Recently, Sami has shared his latest in a long line of impressive releases with ‘Make Moves’, an evocative collaboration with rising star Grafezzy. A new breed of modern hip-hop that blends seamlessly with pumping electronic tones and vibrant EDM energy, Sami’s new single flows with immense power, delivering a solid listening experience that will have you up on your feet and ready to move.

After starting his music career by playing keyboard at the age of sixteen, Sami was inspired early on by various artists in the world of dance, electronic, and pop music. Speaking of his start in the industry, he explained, “ I decided to create and produce my own music. I released the single ‘Lotoia’ on YouTube as part of a small EP album. I explored genres like dance, pop, hip-hop, and EDM, and learned to be a mixing and mastering technician at the Spring Hill Sonorities studio in Tel Aviv in Israel. I collaborated with sound technicians and released several singles to YouTube.”

Further inspired by producers around him, as well as artists like Tiesto, Armin Van Burren, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Offer Nissim, Jordi, and even classical musicians, Sami continued to explore new sounds over the following years, working hard to achieve a signature sound of his own. The result is tracks just like ‘Make Moves’, the flow with limitless creativity, and a style that can be instantly recognised as his own.

Along with his solo work, Sami has also made his mark collaboratively, and in a number of projects, as he explained, “In 2022, I became part of a group with a songwriter from Israel named Dor Sofer and we called ourselves Bney Hador. We worked on many songs. Later, I joined a band called Haknufa as a keyboardist while I continued song production work.”

For more of Sami’s work, you can find him on Facebook and YouTube below.

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