Welsh Avenue – ‘The Echo’

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A unique alt-pop piano project from the wild heart of Texas, Welsh Avenue has broken through the muck and mire of 2020 with a seminal new single the promises to bring hum from relative obscurity to the national stage. After receiving airplay nationwide and accolades from Pancakes and Whiskey, A&R Factory, SKope Magazine, and Music Existence among other buzz blogs, the talented singer, songwriter, and pianist is here to bring hope with his new single, ‘The Echo’.

After sprouting from extensive classical piano training and a learning Ableton his senior year of college, the former biology major (and one-time aspiring vet) of Mark DiLillo felt the inevitable calling of music, a calling which has simply refused to fade. Taking the name of Welsh Avenue, DiLillo moved himself just outside of Austin, where he met a representative of Invengo Productions at an open mic. The CEO/Producer Joshua Rumer was immediately drawn to DiLillo’s work and collaborated with him on Welsh Avenue’s stellar debut, ‘The Great Exchange’ and follow-up release of ‘New Ways’.

Now, he’s taken 2020 by strikes with ‘The Echo’, an intoxicating new piece that comes complete with a brand-new music video. In his own words, DiLillo broke down the new song, stating, “’The Echo’ is a song about the waiting period between seedtime and harvest. It’s about learning to be patient. 2020 was a huge pause button on many people’s dreams and lives, and I want people to feel encouraged. When the seed of a tree is germinated, everything that tree will grow to become is right there in that seed; just as when you were conceived, all your potential, and everything you will become, was born. Don’t be afraid of the present but heal and prepare for the future. Sonically, this song is somewhat different than my previous releases.”

He continues, “Shortly before the pandemic, the executive producer on previous records had a baby with his wife and moved halfway across the country. Once the pandemic hit, recording with him wasn’t an option, so it was all done in my home studio. I did all the production and mixing. River Jones mastered it, which was a change as well, but I wanted to stay local in Austin for this release. I chose a local artist for the cover design for this one also, Ishaq Fahim; as where a good friend had done my previous covers. As for me, since the pandemic I've been the Lead Technician at a veterinary clinic, writing songs on my upright piano, and enjoying the outdoors.”

Tune in and check out the new single above, complete with its official music video, and be sure to follow Welsh Avenue on his social media pages so you never miss a release.

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