lucidbloom Unveil Mesmerising Video for New Single, 'Mutual Gravity'

The Blue Mountains' lucidbloom have released a captivating music video for their new single, 'Mutual Gravity', a track brimming with apocalyptic dream pop and a poetic exploration of human magnetism.

The second single from their debut EP, 'Calamity', which was released earlier this year, 'Mutual Gravity' features the band's signature layered vocals and an epic cinematic outro that draws listeners in and then soars to breathtaking heights.

The visually stunning video, a collaboration between lucidbloom, creative director Jem Kjelgaard, and lighting and visuals designer Sircuit, is an opulent visual journey through post-disaster landscapes, billowing smoke, vibrant lighting, and an immersive light-bulb installation. The video perfectly captures the song's juxtaposition of beauty and destruction.

"The end cut of this video really took us beyond our initial ideas in exploring the magnetism and gravity of human relationships," explained Katrina and Jennifer, the band's sister vocalists. "Once the lighting settings and landscapes merged, we felt as though we'd built another world. As the sun went down, we were able to contrast these amazing silhouettes of toppled branches and flood-impacted landscapes with layers of colour, light, and smoke. There's a sense of pushing and pulling throughout the scenes, and we wanted to contrast states of being both disconnected from and then totally submerged by invisible forces."

The release of 'Mutual Gravity' and the other-worldly video is a testament to lucidbloom's creative vision and their ability to create music that is both sonically and visually captivating. It is a must-watch for fans of dream pop and anyone who appreciates art that explores the complexities of human connection.

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