Stefano Pesapane – ‘After All’

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A genre-bending composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Latina, Italy, Stefano Pesapane has become a unique and wonderfully engaging fixture of the modern music scene. With a sound that journeys through smooth jazz, vibrant EDM, and downtempo grooves, Stefano’s music is a world unto itself, and his new single, ‘After All’ is arguably his most intoxicating example yet.

As a young man, Stefano studied and performed all around his home country, developing and refining his unique style in nightclubs all across Italy. After studying at St. Louis in Rome and at Berklee College Music, during the Umbria Jazz Summer School, Stefano pushed his sound to new limits, working and performing with his band Nightworkers as he toured all around the Mediterranean. In 1999, Stefano moved to the Netherlands, where he still resides today, and since then he’s spent the last few decades playing with bands all throughout his new home.

Most recently, Stefano has taken to composing and recording his own original EDM and jazz compositions, developing the unique, hybrid style in his spare time. While the track started out as a private endeavour, Stefano took the bold step of releasing them in 2019 as a dedicated stream of singles and the acclaimed full-length album, ‘Miles Away’.

Today, Stefano has shared the latest in his long line of releases in ‘After All’, a gorgeous new piece that combines smooth electric piano, rolling bass tones, and a backdrop of immersive, lively nightclub sounds. Caught between downtempo grooves, mellow keys and brass that hints at soulful blues, the single paints a vibrant and diverse picture, one that flickers and evolves in an instance and constantly draws you in closer.

Available now on Spotify, and as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist, ‘After All’ is a powerful illustration of Stefano’s many talents, and it easily stands as one of his most essential solo releases so far. Check it out above and make sure you follow him on his social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

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